The school applies a curriculum based on American Common Core State Standards following the mandatory requirements from the Ministry of Education. This curriculum has coursework for all the core subjects such as English, Science, and Math with compulsory subjects such as Arabic, Islamic, and Saudi History. It gives a wide variety of learning materials and co-curricular activities that ensure the holistic development of all the students. The learning instructions have world-class learning strategies to develop the individual needs of students while acquiring global skills.


The different strategies and styles of education for each stage require a high level of commitment from teachers as the kindergarten stage is significant in the student’s life as a transitional stage from a child at home to a kindergarten student. Students need an element of suspense and arouse a sense of exploration, and this requires support and continuous follow-up to their first steps in learning and acquiring basic skills and concepts.

In the primary stage, we assist students to gradually move to self-reliance through the highest degree of focus on each student through teachers according to the student’s needs and capabilities.

For the intermediate and secondary stages, we focus on forming the students’ self-personality wherein we are keen to provide an environment that refines essential skills for the student’s future like integrity, creativity, discipline, and responsibility. We are determined to strike a balance between academic excellence and acquire the appropriate skills from skill-stimulating activities such as arts, sports, community services, and the promotion of voluntary thought.

The STEM Curriculum

The curriculum is based on the idea of focusing the learning of students on four specific disciplines namely Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Education in STEM is delivered through an interdisciplinary and applied approach. It aims to integrate the four disciplines into a cohesive paradigm that is based on real-world applications.