Shorouq Al Mamlakah International School was founded in the year 2007 and recognized as one of the first international schools in Taif City that provides the highest quality international education. It comprises of Boys and Girls Sections from kindergarten to 12th grade. To achieve its goal and fulfill its mission of spreading quality education, SAMIS utilizes the American curriculum following the international standard under the supervision of the Cognia organization (known previously by AdvancEd). It is the first school in Taif City and one of the best schools in Saudi Arabia that accomplishes the Cognia accreditation in 2013.

The educational system adheres to the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia and has a keen interest in the Islamic culture and Arabic language. Based on the Ministry of Education’s annual inspection report, the school’s overall performance has an outstanding rating of A-Class.

The school leadership team which incorporates international educators and administrators who share a common passion for teaching and learning is providing educational services to our learners. In addition, the school implements the English-only policy throughout the academic year as it promotes global competitiveness.

Annually, the trust of the parents is increasing as the population of students is growing from 400 to about 1,200 students. It is indeed that this trust serves as our cornerstone to be motivated in pursuing the pledge to academic excellence.